WOmath started as a women-of-math themed side project to xCLAIMzine, an online service learning webzine about social issues. After the last issue of xCLAIMzine, WOmath continued to be a project over analyzing the effects of globalization on women in mathematics. We are working on putting a copy of the old site linked later this summer.

Currently, WOmath is keeping the "wo" from "women" and is transforming it to the "wo" in "world". WOmath is a site dedicated to showcase certain math projects at the 9th-12th grade levels. These math themes deal to (but are not limited to!) applied mathematics and human rights.

If you want to modify or expand on current lesson plans (to be completed by June), submit your own versions of the projects, or make other comments and suggestions,please go to the (Links) page. If you want to submit lesson plans or other activites that do not directly deal with the ones on this site, please submit social justice themes to radical math and other applied math themes to curriki: